Types of Whole-House Air Humidifiers

03/12/2013 12:32

For those who wish to have a humidifier for their entire house, they should ideally opt for a whole-house air humidifer which can provide benefit for the entire home, both in terms of comfort and cost. According to humidifier reviews, there are a number of whole-house humidifier types from which you can choose from. One type is the drum style air humidifier system. This system is both inexpensive in terms of both price and maintenance, and is a good choice if you are on a tight budget but place importance on comfort too.

Another type of air humidifier is the disc wheel style, which also has cheap maintenance which is rarely needed. However, the starting price for this system is more expensive than the drum style air humidifier. A bypass flow-through system, on the other hand, saves your money in terms of electric consumption but is priced higher than both the other systems mentioned. Finally, spray mist types of humidifiers are of low cost, require little maintenance and seem to have the best of both worlds. Make sure the characteristics of your air humidifier is optimum for you before you make the decision to get one.